Retailer On-Site Delivery Retailers are now allowed to take orders and deliver product to a person who is outside of the store and within 150 feet of the retailer’s licensed premises.

These “on-site delivery” sales must:

1) be accompanied by a “bona fide order” that the retailer receives before the on-site delivery is made; orders may be made via phone, email, website, app, or in person, need the customer’s name and DOB, the date delivery is requested, and a document describing the items proposed for delivery and the amounts;
2) may only occur during the retail store’s normal opening hours; and
3) be recorded in Metrc as a standard sales receipt (they do not need a delivery manifest). According to the OLCC guidance: “Examples of this temporary privilege include delivering product to a person in the parking lot of the store, a person at the front entrance of the store, or a person at a walk-up or drive-thru window of the store.”

Signature requirements are temporarily not required, however, when the order is brought out to the customer, ID must be checked to verify age and the person is the same person who made the order. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Retail sales to OMMP cardholders and caregivers

Retailers may now sell OMMP cardholders and caregivers up to 24 ounces of flower per day, but no more than 32 ounces per month.

Post Credit: Green Light Law Group