Tired of government paperwork? Let our team of Licensing Specialists track, manage, and prepare your licensing paperwork for you. We will expertly prepare your paperwork and then work directly with the state until approved. Our tracking system will alert us to important dates such as city, county, and state renewals, control study expiration, and other reoccurring requirements. We’ll make sure you never miss an important licensing deadline and never have to fill out a government form again.

Our licensing department will work directly with the state and take care of:

  • Land use approval
  • Professional preparation of your application
  • Document your business structure
  • Creation of surveillance maps
  • Development of premises sketches and floor plans
  • Process and submit license renewal paperwork – on time – every year
  • Update land use documents as needed
  • Create and submit alteration requests
  • Update business structures and investor lists
  • Submit all state-required notifications (alterations, arrests, camera outages, financial interests, seasonal shutdowns, etc.)
  • Guide you through getting packaging and labeling approved and check your labels for compliance.
  • Track and manage all of your licenses
  • Track and manage all of your control studies
  • Assist in the sale or acquisition of your business or licenses
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