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CannXperts is a professional compliance company that assists its client-partners in safely navigating the heavily regulated cannabis industry. Our Compliance Officers, Inspectors, Licensing and METRC Specialists work directly with every license type sharing their years of unparalleled regulatory experience. CannXperts Inspectors have performed hundreds of compliance inspections uncovering thousands of potential violations, and then worked directly with the licensee to get those resolved. Industry professionals and licensees have described CannXperts as a “must-have” ancillary partner.

CannXperts was founded in 2018 by Andy Shelley, a former Oregon Marijuana Inspector with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Andy recognized that licensees often struggled with interpreting the complex rule language and were suffering unnecessary fines, suspensions, and license revocations as a result.

“It’s been unfortunate and disheartening to see farms, labs, and dispensaries lose their dreams and livelihood over simple, honest mistakes. I knew that I could help by providing them with a reliable resource for expert advice and compliance oversight. Far too often I’ve seen a company assign the role of ‘compliance officer’ to an hourly employee who performs several unrelated tasks within the organization. Unfortunately that isn’t going to cut it in a heavily regulated industry like cannabis – you need someone who is 100% focused on compliance and the quickly-changing rules.”

CannXperts is an industry advocate that works closely with state leaders, rule makers, legal counsels and advisory groups on policies that promote the growth of the cannabis industry. The company is continuing to expand not only its service offerings, but the depth of its team by looking for highly qualified individuals who have the necessary skills to serve the industry in all legal states.

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